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For our R&D Department, we're looking for an R&D Engineer that, within the research projects lines, will manage and execute the research activities, prepare the necessary documentation and provide support and reporting for funded research programs.

The main accountabilities will be:

  • Responsible for research project activities scheduling
  • Responsible for report issuing
  • Responsible for research project activities completion and deliverables achievement
  • Responsible for stakeholders management
  • Consulted for support to experimental test and reporting
  • Consulted for problem solving/assistance for all the R&D department.

You are the right candidate if:

  • you have a technical/scientific degree (materials engineering preferred)
  • you are able to manage time, set priorities and accomplish the assignments in autonomy
  • you have CAD / AM SW / computer skills
  • your English proficiency is equal to a C1 level
  • you know laboratory practice and material science


Degrees of interest: technical/scientific degree (materials engineering preferred)

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